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After 45 years of clinical work, Dr. Morris Netherton has retired from private practice, speaking engagements and documentary films. Please contact Past Life Therapy Center® for more information about Dr. Netherton's successor, Dr. Thomas Paul. Dr. Paul is available for therapy sessions worldwide and will be accepting applications for PLTC's exclusive Past Life Therapy training in the near future. To learn more, subscribe to PLTC Newsletters.

Dr. Thomas Paul was chosen by Dr. Morris Netherton to be the therapist he personally mentored in his advanced Past Life Therapy method. He is highly recommended by Morris Netherton. To contact Dr. Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center®, please visit the Past Life Therapy Center® website where you can also subscribe to PLTC Newsletter Articles.
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The Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience was created by Dr. Morris Netherton, a practitioner of past life therapy and past life regression since the early 1960s. A belief in reincarnation is not necessary for the therapy to be successful. There is no formal hypnotic induction. The process accesses hypnotic states that exist from prior traumatic experiences and remain unresolved in today's life patterns.

An essential part of this therapy entails eliciting memories from before birth, including time in the womb. The impact of the mother's moods and experiences during pregnancy and the birth trauma influence a person throughout his or her life by creating both negative and positive survival patterns.

You may have heard of similar therapies, such as past life regression, hypnotic regression, reincarnation therapy, soul memory retrieval, and holotropic therapy. In most of these techniques the therapist induces nonordinary states of consciousness in order to accelerate the client's self-discovery.

Dr. Netherton has retired from private practice and Past Life Therapy theory lectures. If you are interested in private sessions, please contact Dr. Netherton's associate Dr. Thomas Paul at or Dr. Thomas Paul is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Clinical Past Life Therapist, and founder of Past Life Therapy Center® (PLTC), which has its primary offices in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Paul and can be retained for personal visits worldwide or by phone/Skype. Dr. Paul has been personally trained by Dr. Netherton and has worked in partnership with him for over ten years. He is highly recommended by Dr. Netherton who can personally attest to Dr. Thomas Paul's capabilities.


Please note that all services are defined within the clinical hypnotherapy modality. AAPLE and PLTC do not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure a disease. Information addressed at or is not evaluated/endorsed by the FDA or any psychological or medical licensing body. Past Life Therapy is alternative therapy or healing arts in accordance with California Senate Bill 577, effective January 1, 2003; therefore, PLTC does not qualify for third-party insurance payments and cannot provide receipts for billing to insurance companies. A belief in reincarnation, karma or spirituality is not necessary for this therapeutic process to be effective.

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